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Family Focused Dentist in St. Albert

A family dentist is a general dentist who has focused their practice on being able to confidently and competently serve members of every age demographic. Put simply, this means that we want to be your one-stop-shop for all your family’s dental needs – so we put our energy and passion into becoming experts in our understanding of teeth and their developmental stages. That means that we can see your teething baby, your preschooler, your teenager and your mother-in-law all in one office.
While pediatric dentists focus their practice on serving the needs of children, there will come a time when your child will outgrow the services of a pediatric dentist and you will need to move on and get to know a brand-new dentist at a new practice. Similarly, general dentists may have the training to perform procedures on pediatric teeth, but without a professional focus on addressing the comfort needs of children – your child may find a general practice too ‘clinical’ for their comfort.

Benefits of Long-term Relationships with Your Dentist

Since we get to know our patients over the long term, we are positioned to have a deeper understanding of the concerns related to your family’s dental health. For example, genetic disorders that are present can be treated, and signs of such concerns can be anticipated in children and managed proactively. The need to transfer files, X-rays and other important documents is eliminated since all of your information is maintained in-house.

Other Benefits

Your family dental practice understands the needs of the family unit and takes steps to make coming to the dentist more practical. For example, same-day appointments can be scheduled for the whole family which decreases the need to arrange for time off work or child care each time someone in the family needs to be seen. With enough notice, we can schedule the whole family to be seen at the same time – and if work schedules make this difficult, we also offer evening appointments. We want it to be as convenient as possible for you to prioritize your family’s dental health, because we care about your smiles! We love giving our young patients a big high-five for a cavity-free mouth!

We also offer services such as oral sedation to help our patients remain calm during procedures. Our oral sedation methods are safe and effective and, combined with our ability to make our clients feel at ease, gives us our best chance at a great dental experience.

Nuvo Dental’s support staff make it a priority for patients to experience a smooth administrative process and a pleasant chair-side experience.
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Each operatory is equipped with digital radiography. You can also watch your favorite Netflix program while having your procedure done!
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How Does a Family Dentist Meet My Family’s Needs?

When you walk into a family dentistry clinic, you will notice our commitment to children – it’s practically written on the wall! From toys to television screens and child-focused décor, your children will feel less like they’re here for a doctor’s appointment and more like they’re here for a play date with a side of checkup and cleaning.

Family practices are structured to promote the development of long-term relationships with their clients. That means that we take a special interest in helping your children be calm and relaxed at the dentist, so that they will be as excited to see us as we are to see them! A family dental practice caters to the needs of young children by employing staff who are passionate about providing positive experiences for kids and adults alike. That means that we take steps to get to know your children and what techniques work to keep them involved in the process and not afraid. We take our time to make sure your child knows who is behind that funny blue mask, and we might even let them try one on themselves! Children who are suspicious of the tools used at the dentist can be involved in their use, by pressing the power button or trying out the suction straw.

Children with special needs such as those with sensory processing disorders will be given ample time to get familiar with the environment, and our team takes steps to mitigate the sensory stimulus in the clinical environment. Our talented team makes it their job to know, understand and apply techniques to assist anxious patients in feeling safe – and sometimes that means that all they do the first time is look around and get familiar with the environment!

With a family dentist, you will never outgrow our practice. We establish a relationship with our clients and see them through for as long as possible.

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