Dental Implant Retained Dentures

When you have lost your natural teeth, a variety of complications can arise that impact your physical and emotional health – beyond just your smile. You may find it difficult to speak clearly or chew your favorite foods. You may be embarrassed and may try to hide your smile from others. Dentures are an important part of restoring your smile’s appearance, but they can pose challenges for some due to retention issues.

NUVO Dental can help give you a solution that provides comfort and relief. Implant retained dentures can replace both upper and lower teeth, giving you a secure, natural-looking option that is not only more comfortable but also more convenient than traditional dentures. Let NUVO Dental help you determine the right type of implant retained denture for your unique needs, with over 16 years of dental implant experience! Call 780-651-8121 for a consultation appointment today!

Here are a few examples of implant supported denture options available at NUVO Dental

Locator Denture Conus System Denture Hybrid Denture (non-removable)


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